Fluxley Creative

Mombi Meet

12 Design Frames to Tell the Product Story


This project began as a brief I was given for the School of Motion course, Design Kickstart. The goal was to design 12 frames for an animated explainer video describing "Mombi Meet," a fictional product for a fictional company. The product is an app that lets friends know when other potential friends are near them so they can make real world connections. The brief contained some branding guidelines for things like typefaces, colors, and rules for creating pictograms in the brand style. A major focus for me was on the design principle of contrast: contrast in scale, color, active vs. passive frames, and compositions. When you see these frames, I hope you can feel the implied motion.

"We all use social media…"

“they’re all over the place!”

"It’s designed to bring friends that are nearby…"

"And our state of the art 10G technology…"

"…to see what our friends are up to."

"Introducing Mombi Meet -"


in person."

"…ensures your meet-up…won’t become a missed connection."

"But in the real world,"

“it’s a social media app for the

real world.”

“It uses GPS on your phone to help you create meetups in

the real world.”

“Mombi Meet. It’s all about making this big world…

a smaller—and safer—place.”